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Neural Sensitization: The Medical Key to Treatment of Chemical Injury

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Chemical injury can cause chronic damage to body biochemistry. This involves a biochemical vicious cycle often called “Neural Sensitization” (as discussed below). This cycle can cause reactive airways (airway inflammation), toxic encephalopathy (toxic brain damage), and chronic inflammation to other mucosal surfaces. This is chemically referred to as the nitric oxide/peroxynitrite cycle.1-4

Unless and until this biochemistry is healed naturally, inflammation and ongoing damage will occur. Drugs cannot heal these vicious cycles.

Only science-based treatment with the proper healing substances can help control this cycle, which will otherwise cause ongoing inflammation and further organ damage.

This chemical injury treatment is based on scientific knowledge and patient testing. The treatment is designed to help heal these biochemical changes and the damage they cause. The diagram at the end shows the biochemical vicious cycle.

Mucosal burning is a common sensation in neurogenic inflammation.

For description of exposures that cause the vicious cycle, refer to section titled Chemical Causes.

For examples of more basic concepts, see factsheet HOW CHEMICAL INJURY AFFECTS THE BODY.

Treatment Summary

Intervention to help control these vicious biochemical cycles includes:

  • Natural ingredients to assist cell repair, using bioactive forms.
  • Ingredient type and dose is selected to help heal the biochemical cycles that otherwise can lead to chronic severe body changes. This is best done based on the patient’s tested needs.
  • Ingredient action is documented in the peer-reviewed medical literature.
  • Compounded capsules may be needed. These must be taken throughout the day (with meals) to be effective.
  • The meals should contain some essential fat (e.g. egg, seeds/nuts, nut butter, meat, fish, fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, etc.) for good nutrition and to help absorption of CoQ10 and other fat soluble ingredients. See factsheet: EATING FOR HEALING.
  • For treatment steps, see factsheet: TREATING CHEMICAL INJURY: STEP BY STEP.

    For more summary facts, see CHEMICAL INJURY TREATMENT: A SUMMARY.

    Testing healing needs through SpectraCell Laboratory

         Exposure controls are ESSENTIAL

Scientific information follows for those interested.

  Page 2: Types of Damage

  Page 3: Biochemistry of the Vicious Cycles

  Page 4: Chemical Exposure Can Cause Inflammation and Neural Sensitization

  Page 5: Adequate Antioxidant Protection

  Page 6: The Biochemistry of Treatment, Pts. 1, 2, 3, & 4

  Page 7: The Biochemistry of Treatment, Pts. 5, 6, & 7

  Page 8: The Biochemistry of Treatment, Pts. 8, 9, 10, & 11

  Page 9: Testing

  Page 10: Exposure Control

  Page 11: Long Term Treatment

  Page 12: Medical References (footnotes) for Neural Sensitization: The Medical Key To Treatment

  Page 13: Eating for Healing and Alkaline Diet for Healing

  Page 14: Chart - Neural Sensitization: The 3 Vicious Cycles

  Page 14: Chart - Glutathione Function and Activation


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