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Testing (pg 9)


SpectraCell Testing

Testing helps make treatment with the neural protocol even more science-based and is the best way to fit patient needs accurately. SpectraCell Lab is CLIA certified. Only SpectraCell testing measures repair needs of each patient tested, on the micronutrient testing panel.

Using one dose range for all patients is similar to selling all woman size 7 shoes and all men size 10 shoes. Individual needs vary greatly for cell repair, even more than body shoe size.

Nutrient needs and cell repair need should be measured and followed by testing through SpectraCell Laboratories (800-227-5227). This testing tells whether the cell has enough of each nutrient to divide and form new cells. This is essential even with people who feel “healthy”. Nutrient levels must be ample for healing chemical injury, for detoxification and all body functions. SpectraCell functional nutrient testing is available for glutathione, lipoic acid, total antioxidant function, immune function, B12 (cobalamin), folate, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, biotin, carnitine, choline, selenium, coenzyme Q10, E, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc and body stores of vitamin C. At this time lymphocyte cell division testing is only available through SpectraCell Laboratories.

Lymphocytes are involved in irritant and toxic effects.168-179 Cell repair requires that cells can divide and form new cells (mitosis). SpectraCell testing uses mitosis.

SpectraCell test kits for blood draw come with a prepaid overnight mailing box and envelope. They can be ordered by a doctor and sent to the doctor or patient for local blood draw. For best results, the patient should complete the form before blood draw and mail the blood the same day in the provided FedEx envelope so it arrives at the lab the next day for accuracy.


Urinary pH Testing to Reduce Acidity

Inflammation causes increased body acid. The body must buffer this acid and it does so by binding them to minerals. This causes mineral loss and also contributes to osteoporosis. The acidity also impairs the ability of the body to detoxify. Preventing this is greatly helped with diet- see ALKALINE DIET FOR HEALING Factsheet. Inflamed patients may need extra help in correcting acidity: see CORRECTING EXCESS ACID IN THE YOUR BODY factsheet.

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