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To best help repair chemical injury, the right foods speed repair. What to eat and how is listed first; then why to eat it follows.  Suggestion: Print out this What to Eat and How page and put it on your refrigerator door for handy reference. Also, print out the Alkaline Diet for Healing chart and keep that handy, as well.

What to Eat and How:

1. Eat free range meat/eggs; fresh caught fish; fresh and organic foods whenever possible.

2. Reduce carbohydrate servings to small, avoid refined carbohydrates (sugars, refined grains)

3. Eat protein with every meal and snack

4. Eat seeds/nuts daily. Refrigerate in airtight containers.

5. Eat 4-5 serving of vegetables and fruit daily

6. Avoid all ďfake fatsĒ: margarine, hydrogenated fats, Olestra, etc. Avoid peanuts/peanut oil, canola oil and cashews when possible.

7. Rotate foods, try to avoid eating the same food daily

8. Know what foods you test intolerant to, avoid until you have better intestinal healing.

9.Chew all food until liquid before swallowing. Sip all liquids slowly.

10. Balance omega 3 (flax, hemp and fish) and omega 6 (eggs, GLA, meat, sunflower seeds). If you are stiff/achy/inflamed, get some extra omega 3 (1:3 ratio omega 3 to 6). If not achy/stiff, use 1:4 ratio. Refrigerate, keep all omega 3 products airtight.

11. Test your pancreatic function yearly and use digestive enzymes until function recovers.

12. Eat onion family often (onions, leeks, garlic, chives, shallots).

13. Eat fresh sprouts often.

14. Donít heat or cook with omega 3 oils. For cooking, use olive oil, ghee/butter, coconut oil.

15. Avoid body acidity from inflammation: follow Alkaline Diet for Healing (800-553-5742) and keep urine above 6 (testing with pH Hydrion paper range 5.5 to 8 from a drugstore).

16.Hydrate well with lots of water: avoid caffeine, diuretics when possible.


Why You Should Eat for Healing: #1-16 Above Point by Point

1. Much high nutrient levels, lower pesticide/toxic residue. Canning/drying reduces nutrients. See references at bottom. ,  , ,

2. When you eat enough carbohydrates to release insulin, your body also releases an enzyme (phospholipase A2) that damages cell membranes and myelin repair of brain nerves.

3. Complete protein (all essential amino acids) is needed for repair and detoxification.

4. Seeds and nuts have essential oils for membrane and brain repair, protein, and essential nutrients.

5. Vegetables and fruit have essential antioxidants and fiber for intestinal health.

6. Fake fats enter and damage cell membrane function. Canola oil, cashews have fats that distort membrane structure. Peanuts are pro inflammatory, more likely to have toxic fungus.

7. Rotating foods improves nutrient balance and reduces risk of new food intolerances.

8. Food intolerance occurs in most chemically injured patients but often has only delayed symptoms, so only testing will detect. Eating intolerant foods increases fatigue and aching.

9. Digestion begins in the mouth with saliva enzymes.

10. Both omega 3 and omega 6 are essential oils/fats and both are needed for cell membrane and brain repair.

11. Digestive enzymes are impaired in the majority of chemically injured patients and essential nutrients are wasted (not absorbed) without adequate levels: a waste of health and groceries.

12. Onion family provides essential sulfer for repair and detoxification.

13. Sprouts have all nutrients essential for life. Broccoli sprouts help prevent cancer.

14. Heating damages omega 3 oils and can make them harmful.

15 & 16. All body functions work better at slightly alkaline pH and ample hydration.


Maintaining alkaline/acid balance

As mentioned above, your body functions better when itís slightly alkaline. Consult this Alkaline Diet for Healing chart to make sure your diet contains more alkaline foods than foods that can make your body too acid.


Brain: Use It to Repair It

Studies now show that some brain repair can occur with brain use. Problem solving (games, puzzles, etc.) and memory (poems, phrases, spiritual verses, etc.) are both important. For some, just dealing with getting better seems all they can mentally do: if this is you, spend enjoyable time daily (music, comedy, friends, etc.) to help brain and endocrine repair.

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