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Long Term Treatment (pg 11)

For persons without nontoxic environmental (chemical and mold) controls at home, work and school, long-term protocol treatment may be needed. Persons who have frequent but not disabling exposures/illness may need long term treatment to avoid disability. Others with frequent symptoms often need treatment for two years, uninterrupted as much as possible.

For above persons, SpectraCell testing every 6-10 months is best to see what is and is not working.

After frequent symptoms improve and become occasional or less, yearly SpectraCell testing (with treatment of below average levels ( do not raise copper above average) and keeping B12 in upper 10-20%) ensures that degenerative processes will be greatly reduced. Remember that D3 is a prohormone, and using levels above 400IU can suppress magnesium, thus increasing NMDA activation and worsening the vicious cycle. SpectraCell testing allows easy comparison to balance calcium and magnesium using the scatter plot always keeping magnesium ample (magnesium glycinate without flow agents appears to be very well absorbed, e.g. Moss Nutrition).

For everyone, minimizing this vicious cycle is vital to health. You can greatly reduce all inflammatory and degenerative disease and also greatly reduce cancer risk. Only periodic SpectraCell testing shows what substances you need. Other testing (bone scans, cholesterol, etc.) just document damage but do not tell you how to help heal the disease process.

YOUR YEARLY PHYSICAL SHOULD BE HEALTH BASED. This is how to do that. It saves you money and misery!

Page 14: Chart - Neural Sensitization: The 3 Vicious Cycles

Page 14: Chart - Glutathione Function and Activation

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