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Exposure Control (pg 10)


Exposure controls are essential for healing.

Medical treatment is not a substitute for exposure controls at home, work and/or school: places where the person spends most of his/her time. Humans are social beings, and the medical measures above gradually increase the person’s ability to enjoy the company of others and use public places. When society is adequately informed and does public health reasonable accommodation at work, home (e.g. apartments, condos, etc.), at schools, and public places to reduce irritants and toxins in personal and commercial products, this further promotes health and reduces chemical injury for everyone.

The book Less Toxic Alternatives by health educator Carolyn Gorman (214-361-9515) is recommended. Also look at the “Environmental Control Plan” and other resources (including reasonable accommodation) at www.chemicalinjury.net. Use less toxic pest control: www.beyondpesticides.org. Get help locating less toxic products, housing at www.CIIN.org.  The book The Endangered Brain (626-798-4299) lists less toxic products and explains brain problems in plain English. Sources of less toxic pest control products include www.gardernsalive.com and www.arbico-organics.com. The book Fungus, Mold, and Mycotoxins by Carolyn Gorman is valuable because molds are irritants and toxic. They multiply and spread: see MOLD section on chemicalinjury.net.

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Page 14: Chart - Glutathione Function and Activation

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