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Many people suffer migraines, “asthma”, sinus headaches, fatigue, chemical sensitivity, aching and other effects, not knowing drugs will not heal these. Below is a scientific way to help your body heal.

Ingredient dose* is based on knowledge about chemical injury.

    1. While exposure control is still very important, major progress has been made in scientific medical treatment of chemical-related illness:

      · All ingredients are FDA-approved.

      · All ingredients are natural.

      · Many ingredients are those you were born with but have become too deficient for healing.

      · The other ingredients are natural from plants with good levels of the types of antioxidants that help healing.

      · Ingredient type is:

        ¨ the form best absorbed and a form that will be carried to the necessary body sites,

        ¨ the form that is most active and ready to work. Drug store and most off the shelf ingredients do not work as well. You can compare with the ingredient list.

    2. For the few ingredients you need rapidly, nasal use with a portable sprayer can help “turn off” symptoms. You can carry this with you and put back in the refrigerator when you return.

    3. For building up some vital ingredients that do not absorb well by mouth, a small portable, quiet nebulizer (like AeronebGo) works best.

    4. Other ingredients are taken in specially compounded capsules with meals, with a few exceptions:

      · Extra buffered C twice daily (1-1½ grams) helps reduce inflammation

      · Taurine reduces sensitivity but is best absorbed (and helps sleep) in the evening.

    5. The vitamin E must have a lot of the “gamma” tocopherol (200 IU ideal) to work well. All synthetic E is harmful and “alpha” natural vitamin E without lots of “gamma” doesn’t work well.

    6. The folate that works best is in its active form (sometimes called MTHF). It works faster and less is needed. Also many people have reduced genetic ability to make this active form from folic acid. Those people NEED the MTHF form.

    7. For a step-by-step description, see the factsheet TREATING CHEMICAL INJURY: STEP BY STEP.

    8. For dietary healing, see the factsheet EATING FOR HEALING

    9. For exposure controls see:

     *Dosage can be best decided after a doctor reviews your own nutrient function ability using a test kit from

SpectraCell Laboratories in Houston, Texas. The proper test is called FIA 5000. A complete test kit is mailed to you or your doctor. The test only needs a few teaspoons of blood drawn by a local lab, centrifuged and shipped to SpectraCell. Your doctor can order this kit by calling 800-227-5227.

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